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Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

 A high performance organization can be simply defined as one that delivers bottom line results, that includes both excellent financial and service performance and a highly engaged healthy workforce. The first step is to conduct a Cultural Values Assessment. 

Leadership, Strategy and Change.  

At LeadingCulture, we believe in the possibility of creating a high performance culture, with true leadership, targeted strategy and teams that deliver results.   We are passionate about your success!

Build Your Strategy

High  performance organizations don't just happen they are intentional.  We bring "state-of-the-art" processes to build a winning strategy and tools to make the change happen.  Leverage your environment, develop your vision, mission and values.   Create your value proposition and capitalize on your opportunities. 

High Performance Teams

Our work with teams is generative and designed to build the capacity of task groups to achieve exemplary results.  We begin with a team diagnostic that measures the team's current state and desired state.  With solid data in place LeadingCulture will design a customized team building program. 

Grow Your Leaders

The "Values Based Leadership Program" is a customized, competency based program that is designed to support leaders in creating high performance organization cultures that work.  Getting results through others the job of leaders 

For an overview of our products and services 

  • Need to develop your leaders?  Do you have a distributed workforce? Looking for a cost-effective solution to build your leadership capacity?   Ask us about our on-line and blended learning solutions.   
  • Adding Value. Starting in soon LeadingCulture will be posting a series of white papers.  The first will be on Participative Work Design and restrurcturing
  • Mark Fulton wins prestigious Kelly Teaching Award
Build High Performance Organizations 

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